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Bringing Americana Music to local venues! 

Americana, Swing, Bluegrass, Old time, Blues, American Roots music, Classic Country, Classic Rock and Original music

 The Sustainabillies

The Sustainabillies are an acoustic power trio. We bring a blend of several traditional Acoustic Americana styles including; swing, bluegrass, blues, roots, classic country, classic rock and original music to the rolling hills of Hillsborough County, NH. Inspired by bands and musicians like "Old Crow Medicine Show, Hank Williams, Van Morrison, Dawg and Dead, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bill Monroe, Tim O'Brien and the like. We mainly play traditional acoustic instruments like the acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin and upright bass, however, we also have some cool surprises. We play and sing a wide array of Americana music. One of the most fun parts about watching us play is that we love to switch up instruments throughout the night. 

We play our own unique style of music, which often includes giving popular contemporary songs a traditional acoustic sound. Band members include Ross Arnold who is our lead song writer. He plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, percussion, and sings lead and harmony vocals. Larry Houghton plucks and slaps the upright bass, plays guitar, and mandolin, writes songs, and sings lead, back up and harmony vocals. Bob Prendergast plays mandolin, mandola, tenor guitar and acoustic guitar. When we need percussion, we bring in either Sam Perron (conga and bongos) or Drew Hines (Cajone and shakers). When we need a little something extra, Phil Clarner, Cody Howe or Nick Pangaro sit in with us. They all writes songs, sing lead and harmony vocals, picks acoustic guitar, and mandolin, Phil also plays Banjo, while Cody and Nick also play harmonica.

The Sustainabillies play private parties, barn dances, restaurants, bars, weddings, festivals, etc. around Southern NH and beyond.

 Band Members

Ross Arnold puts the billy in the Sustainabillies. Ross is an accomplished musician who spent his childhood playing bluegrass and old timey music with his dad in the Southern U.S. He moved back to New Hampshire about 30 years ago. He has played in a number of blues bands, classic rock bands, and Americana bands over the years. He has spent time as a solo artist as well. He plays a variety of instruments including banjo, guitar, bass and mandolin. He sings and writes timeless songs. 

Larry Houghton started his music career late. While getting his PhD at Virginia Tech, his friend Bill Richardson convinced him to play upright bass for his southern string band “The Jugbusters”. After enjoying 6 great years of friendship, music, and gigs with the Jugbusters, the call of family and the White Mountains lured him back home to NH. Larry played upright bass for NH bands like the Colonel Cletus and the Swamp Yankees, Hickory Horned Devils, and Tmud and the Spuds. He does sound for the Tyler Road band and occasionally sits in on bass.  Larry loves to dance with his bass. Sometimes it’s hard to restrain him from hopping up and down with the beat. He also plays guitar, mandolin, writes songs and sings a bit. Larry grew up in New Boston, moved away for 20 years and now he is back and teaching Environmental Science, Earth Science and Human Sustainabilityat Goffstown High School.

Bob Prendergast (Mando Bob) comes to us from the Mid-Atlantic - growing up in the sticks of Pennsylvania, he learned at an early age how to add a little bit of twang into his rock and roll. Bob has performed in several traditional and contemporary churches, been a member of country bands, and even been a house band member for a Delaware-based blues society. You can still find “Mando Bob” out playing rock, blues and soul with the Jenni Lynn Band all around New Hampshire and Northern Mass. When he plays with the Sustainabillies though, you can expect to see him playing: Mandolin, Mandola, Acoustic Guitar and Tenor Guitar.

Sit in musicians

Sam Perron is a sustainable perma-culturist. He is a multi-talented instrumentalist who has been playing music for over 25 years. Sam is a percussionist, guitarist, bassist and singer. He enjoys a wide array of Americana music.  Sam has a great sense of humor, as you can see from the photo he gave me for the website:>)

Phil Clarner is a multi-talented musician who sits in with us when we need a little extra umph. Phil and Larry have played and jammed in various bands over the past 10 years.He transitions from lead guitar, to his own style of bluegrassy banjo, or mandolin without blinking an eye. He also sings lead, back up and harmony vocals. Phil may look as though he is playing backwards, but don’t worry, he’s left-handed. Phil is a Physics Teacher at Concord High School.

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